Welcome to the website of the Ministry of the Cornerstone . We already wish that your visit will be for you and for us an extraordinary experience. The Ministry of Cornerstone has a story whose source and raciness are closely related to the Great Commission given by Christ and reported in the books of Matthew 28: 19-20 and Acts of the Apostles 1: 8.

Indeed the Ministry of the Cornerstone is the answer to this call of the Lord which every Christian should respond . While other organisms and people responded and continue to obey the formal order , the Lord Jesus revealed to me apersonnellement and communicated his personal directives , considering our keen desire to work with him and under the authority of the Holy Spirit the extension of His Kingdom (Luke 4: 18-19). He gave me a vision about this ministry at a worship service as of Sunday, February 13, 2000 in Connecticut . This vision was so real as to the details that we have at no time hésisté to take action . Our faith in the promises of God, from that day is the means by which several phases or components of the Department have emerged as :

The establishment of a network of Cornerstone Evangelical (International) Monday to Saturday 4:45 am. 
The implementation of four churches, one in the community of Palm Beach, Florida ; Haiti: The city of Les Cayes, Charpentier ; Chantal and St. Louis South .
The missionaries and humanitarian trips in the South of Haiti during which medical care are offered free to the public. The foundations of a classical school is underway for the poor
The establishment of an evangelical radio station (RPA ) Radio Cornerstone in the South of Haiti way to spread the word of the Lord in every nook and cranny of the area.

One of the lessons we have learned throughout this cross is that of fully place our trust in God (Ps 37: 5) , is recalling the promise of the Lord be always with us is a reality (Mt 28: : 20).

The history of this ministry is also that of a whole group of people who embrace , support and participate in any or all activities of the Ministry of Cornerstone . God put in our way of our family members , relatives, friends and family members of Christ, who in one way or another , directly or indirectly , voluntarily contribute to the realization of this vision. This army of volunteers remains motivated and mobilized in order not only to maintain the acquired territories , but to extend the boundaries as far as the Lord allows.

Who knows if your visit is not confirming your call to fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus? The doors of the Ministry of the Cornerstone are wide open to welcome you and give you the opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of God (Mt 6: 19-21). So overall, continue to write the history of the Ministry of Cornerstone until Jesus our King and Savior. Obey his call.